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PRE-ORDER U Jelly? Collection - NeVerMind Polish Nail Polish - Holographic Glitter  Crelly  Jelly Gift

U Jelly? Collection


This collection includes (1) 15ml / .5oz bottle of each:

Blue Goo is a rich blue jelly polish.
Death Serum is a black jelly polish.
Gelatinous Cube is a gorgeous green jelly polish.
Ichor is an ethereal yellow jelly polish.
Ooze is a striking turquoise jelly polish.
Marmalade is a yummy orange jelly polish.
Purple Plasma is a deep purple jelly polish.
Raspberry Jelly is a vibrant pink jelly polish.
Sanguine Humor is a passionate red jelly polish.
Strawberry Gashes is a sweet, light pink jelly polish.

Save $5 if you buy the entire collection PLUS get free shipping.

Jelly polish's transparent finish makes them great for nail are like pond manicures and leadlighting. Different jelly polishes can be layered to create unique colors.  The nail line may show through, you can use a white base if you prefer your polish to be completely opaque.

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