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About Us

I'm Jenn, the owner and maker (I like to think of myself as a nail polish mixologist) at NeVerMind Polish.
Creating nail polish is a perfect combination of two to the things I love most, nail polish and science. I feel like a mad scientist mixing up polish ingredients with my respirator on under the bright lights of my work area and the result is a really cool new polish that I get to wear and share with the world. At least that’s how it mostly works, there are a lot of duds that get tossed into the OMG what was I thinking pile.
I draw inspiration from art, books, and all other the geeky things I'm obsessed with. You may notice that some of my polishes are a little quirky and have silly names, it's usually an inside joke from a favorite TV show. I try to remind people (and myself) not to take nail polish so seriously all the time, it's ok to have fun with it and maybe even wear an off the wall polish for a day or two.
I love sparkle and if you ask me what my favorite polish or color is the answer will probably change from one day to the next. There's so much color out there how can you expect me to pick just one.